Legal consultations We provide verbal and written consultations on civil and administrative law Contact us Representation in the interest based negotiations We will protect your interests in the course of negotiations. Including, with the parties in litigation, in labor disputes Contact us Assessment and preparation of contracts We will asses the contracts you signed and advise on changes reflecting your interests Contact us Evaluate and analysis of the case We will evaluate your legal issue, analyze the documents and suggest the most effective solution contact us Preparation of a legal claim and complaint Preparation of legal claims, Complaints, counterclaims and other documents necessary for legal actions under civil and administrative law contact us Representation in court We will represent your interests in civil and administrative cases at all stages of court proceedings contact us




We are highly responsible professionals!




We are a team with many years of legal experience!




We are a team that will protect your interests at every stage, from the emergence of the problem to its solution!



We treat each case with maximum responsibility, regardless of the volume and complexity.


Qualified and experienced members of our team will find a solution even in a seemingly hopeless situation.


The main thing for us is the interest of the client. We protect the confidentiality of the case and take care of our reputation.

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